So long 2021

Been a while and I can’t even begin to cover all the crazy that has transpired, but I’ll try to summarize.

We had a complete buffoon as president (donald J drumpf), who stirred up the stupid and the racists (maga) into a frenzy. We were and are teetering on the brink of civil war thanks to the orange nutter and his psycho-phants (qanon). We are still battling a global pandemic that was whipped up into a political issue rather than a human health crisis. There has been climate change craziness with fires, storms, and a host of natural disasters around the world. There are escalating conflicts with despots, China, Russia, the middle east and the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, thanks to a deal negotiated by the “Art of the Deal” brain trust.

Holy Shit.


I’m exhausted.

I’m not particularly religious but “Revelations” comes to mind, a lot. Of course there are those whack-a-do’s too, who are preaching wild things like Donald Trump is a messiah, this is the “end times”, etc,. I understand the actual usage of the word “apocalypse” and we are certainly in the middle of major upheaval and change. We need to change, as individuals, as a society, as global stewards of the blue marble we live on.


I’m dismayed at how stupid we as a species have become. Or maybe we’ve always been this dumb and it took the last couple of years to really shine a light on it. I am dumbfounded at how almost 50% of the population can blatantly act against their own best interest. Even in the face of seeing the results of those decisions and choices, and the exceedingly bad results, they are not deterred one bit.

I hope, in the next year, and further on, that this fog of dumb clears and we can truly start making the necessary changes locally and globally to bring about real change and start living like intelligent humans. Ya know, climb out of the trees, stop picking our butts, and flinging poo.

Happy New Year. Stay safe. Stay Angry.


ps. We both know you morons are going to eff it up and re-light the dumpster fire and keep it burning till 2024 at least, but I can hope, just a little.