The Christian Right Is Wrong

We are currently seeing what happens when the christian right wing gets power. Governance get’s thrown away and legislated religious beliefs become the rule, whether most Americans believe or follow. This is the definition of “sharia law

And this is exactly where this ideology goes wrong. Not everyone believes as you believe. Not everyone follows the same belief system or adheres to the same outlook as you do.

No law in this country currently has ever taken away the right of someone to follow a religion. You are more than welcome to conduct yourself according to your beliefs unless they come in violation of the rule of law. You don’t eat fish on the sabbath, great, don’t eat fish on the sabbath. You recite scripture at church, or home, every sunday. Awesome, recite away. You have a weekly prayer vigil in the woods, neat, enjoy the fresh air, just clean up your area once your done. You want to sacrifice an animal by the light of the full moon, ok, here’s where the law comes in, sorry, can’t do that.

See how that works?

Religion is for PERSONAL GOVERNANCE. If you so choose, religion is a guide to help YOU navigate life and be a good person. Yes, you may share this with other folks. Great. You all have the freedom to get together and talk about your shared journey.

There are people that do not choose to have religion in their lives. This is their right and choice to make. They can get together with others who also do not follow religion. Great. They have the freedom to do that as well.

Both groups are free to choose how they choose to apply personal governance in this way. This is how the larger rule of law type governance set things up.

The non-religious folks are not telling the religious folks how to live their lives or apply personal governance. They aren’t preventing them from gathering with others and sharing that journey.

So why do the folks who choose religion feel they have the right to apply their beliefs to others who do not choose religion?

I eat fish on the sabbath. I’m not preventing you from not eating fish, nor is it my right to say that you have to too because I do. I don’t recite scripture every sunday in a church or home. I am not preventing you from doing so, nor is it my right to say you can’t. I don’t have prayer vigils in the woods, nor do I want to. I am not preventing you from having them nor is it my right to prevent you from doing so.

When the religious right gets power, for some strange reason, they start to push their beliefs on others. This is in direct contradiction to the freedoms afforded to all citizens and human beings.

So I’ll ask again. Why does the christian right believe they have the right to force their beliefs on others who do not believe the same way ?

If you are pushing or forcing your beliefs on others, then you are directly violating their freedoms. You have no right to do so. This is where you are wrong.

There is a separation of church and state for a reason. Our country was founded on that premise, and yes, the freedom of religion- which includes the freedom from it.

You are free to practice your religion, just keep it to yourself where it belongs. Worry about how you are behaving. Worry about the choices you are making in your own life. Talk less about your beliefs and just actively be a good person in what you do and how you conduct yourself. Apply your beliefs to you. Accept others may not believe as you believe, that is their right.