Goodbye George Santos- Finally

So long George Santos, we didn’t know you well at all.

I keep reading how this was an historic vote to expel a member of congress, but I think we are focused on all the wrong things in this situation.

We should be asking how the hell he got into Congress in the first place-?? Why wasn’t there a background check to vet him at any point along the way ? And if one did get conducted, how the hell did he pass ?

He is absolutely proof positive our system is broken, and no I don’t mean fake votes, etc. I mean the quality of our candidates, how we elect our leaders, and the checks and balances that are needed to maintain a high standard.

The responsibility is on us first and foremost. We have to stop electing purely on popularity or messaging. If candidates have neat slogans, a catchy little tune, and some good marketing spin, all the more reason to dig into who they are. This is a job interview. – previous post on election reform

We are electing these folks to a major leadership role so they need qualifications. They need education. And a proven track record of execution. Just to name a few things we should be looking for. We need to grill them, over and over, just like a job interview.

Why are we hiring liars, cheats, swindlers, conmen, trust fund moochers, sex offenders, criminals ?!?!?

Before anybody can be put on a ballot, state or national, there needs to be a background check done, and those results be made public. Before you are allowed to run in a primary at any level, there needs to be a second vetting. Any candidate should come forward with a resume and references, and that should be fully vetted.

And if one of the bad ones mistakenly makes it to congress and issues get discovered, it shouldn’t be “historic” to get that person out, it should be the standard.

We need to stop electing these fools. Seriously.

No more Reagans. No more Trumps. No more Santos. No more Mullin. (just to name a few, sadly there are sooooooo many)

No more unqualified, morally bankrupt, conmen, criminals, intellectually stunted man babies. We deserve better and it’s time we upped the bar, a lot.