Open Letter to the House and the Senate

The American people are tired. Tired and frustrated with our government, the two parties, and politics in general. Over the last several years both parties have seen fit to put a lot of energy into blame, passing the buck, and generally wasting time and tax payer money on nothing.

Even now, the parties play the blame game back and forth while Trump chips away at all manner of legislation designed to help the country and the people with a way forward into the future. This isn’t a democrat problem, or a republican problem. This is an american problem, the people’s problem, and you politicians have heaped it upon us for long enough.

Your childish bickering and partisan blockading has done nothing in service of the people. We are tired of hearing that this is the nature of “politics” and government. We are tired of watching you get rich while we toil day in and day out to survive. You are getting rich on the backs of us, the people – you know, the ones you supposedly work for.

Your salaries are excessive and far above a good portion of the people you supposedly work for. You get free healthcare, we do not. You get scores of other benefits, while we have to live through your ill conceived policies and suffer the ramifications of any fall out by your actions.

This needs to stop.

I can appreciate that you are just imperfect men and women, like all of us, but you set yourself apart. You set yourself above the rest and campaigned for the position. Now you must uphold that position with dignity and respect. This isn’t reality TV. This is not Rome. We are not the mob that can be placated with showboating and trumpery.

It is time to start doing the job you were put in office to do. Not act out like petulant children. Examples of behavior unbecoming:

Ted Cruz – reading green eggs and ham

Jim Inhoff- bringing a snowball onto the floor to disprove global warming.

Donald Trump – pick a TV appearance, live broadcast, news article, tweet.

Sarah Palin- enough said.

Ben Carson

The list could go on for eternity, and that is the problem.

Each party has asked what the problem is essentially. They have both stated that there is a need to get in touch with the people and re-establish a grass-roots.
I hate to break it to you, but YOU are the problem. Both parties.

What you have forgotten; and this is very important, is what you are there to do and the seriousness of the job you have. American lives are effected on a daily basis by what you do.
While you play your games, do your little media spots and play for the cameras. Americans bare the brunt. While you continue to push the false narrative of Dems vs Repubs, Americans struggle daily for food, water, shelter, education, healthcare, simple rights as humans, and basic existence.

Your politics is killing America. Your antics erodes this country from the inside like a cancer.

This needs to come to an end.



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